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EMP shopping cart locker

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Brandon12123310 years ago
encouraging people to do stuff that could land them in prison, in my opinion is not suitable for instructables.com
If the Instructables staff thought projects such as these were unsuitable, there wouldn't be a "not liable" category.
Theres a BIG difference between not liable and just plain stupid (for instance if I made an instructable on how to make a suicide bombers vest and how to detonate it on a plane, that would be inappropriate for this site)
You're seriously comparing this to suicide bombers?... I'd respond more, but it's beating a dead horse. Look at the comments on the actual instructable, or the slashdot article. I also imagine that the radio station in the UK that used it to lock up carts (trolleys) across the UK would, how do you say, suggest that common sense says it's not unreasonable to do.
drcrash neltnerb10 years ago
He wasn't seriously comparing it to suicide bombers, in terms of magnitude. He was making the point that the existence of a "Not Liable" category doesn't imply that "anything goes" on instructables. He was giving a clear counterexample to your generalization. On the other hand, the judges did pick this one as a finalist for the laser cutter contest. IMHO, that's pretty uncool. No, it's not suicide bombers, but it's not something the judges ought to be endorsing, either.
Thanks for explaining my response drcrash... thats exactly my viewpoint
hmmmm...I agree sorta, but it would have been fine, and just a funny prank if he has included the unlocking code too.
drcrash neltnerb10 years ago
The idea that some DJ pulling a stunt suggests anything about common sense and reasonableness is amusing.
ewilhelm neltnerb10 years ago
Is there more information about the UK radio station? I read the comment in the Instructable, but wasn't able to find any info on the web about it.
drcrash ewilhelm10 years ago
Last I looked, I couldn't find anything that wasn't on the show's web site, or the hosts' fan site, or a few blogs that blogged that stuff. That makes me think it wasn't the widespread trolley-stopping some people have made it out to be. (I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't actually work, but they made the stunt out to be a success.)
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