os in samsung netbook

just wanna ask.... can i change my os in my samsung netbook???? for windows is bugging a damn sh** in my head... i thought that this os is easy to use and user friendly... but there are programs that i can't use and run and customize in this os... pls help me.... looking forward for your help...

Picture of os in samsung netbook
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frozenkyle (author) 6 years ago
just wana ask... can i upgrade my samsung n150plus' hardwares????
frozenkyle (author) 6 years ago
thanks guys for helping me out... maybe i shall try to upgrade my w7 whew.... anywayz.... i got another problem... it's about my psp... i can't connect my psp with another psp usin WLAN... theres a prompt occuring when i connect to game sharing ..... it's about an error with a code #.... 80410702.. hope you can help me out again....
Goodhart6 years ago
One solution would be to take one of the many good partitioning programs available out there, and partition your hard drive so when it boots up, you have a choice of which OS to use. That is, if you have enough space on they hard drive to do this....
caitlinsdad6 years ago
You would have to see if there is a version of Linux is compatible with the hardware in your netbook. Don't know if you can put any kind of Mac OS on there. If you are having trouble with using Windows, you may find it difficult to use any other. Don't know what you are trying to run or use but you may want to try to use the native OS those programs were designed for if it is giving you so much trouble. Good luck.
frozenkyle (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
can i use xp in my netbook... mine is samsung n150... i ask the sales assistant but he can't give me a reliable answer... tnx... and tnx for the earlier comment...
Is it that you have Windows 7 Starter OS already running on the netbook or some small Linux already on it? I've think many have reinstalled Windows XP to get a netbook to run better. You have to be prepared to debug the installation though with finding the right drivers and settings and revert back if it does not work or performance turns out to be worse.