I'm thinking about getting an oscilloscope (on ebay) because I've always wanted one (and I'll probably need them on upcoming projects. Plus I just got some birtthday money (yay, I'm 14 now!). anyways, I need help of what is considered a good oscilloscope. I don't want to buy one and then later find out it's a piece of crap.

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Hey, I'm 14 too! And I'm also looking For an oscilloscope. Funny! =)
guyfrom7up (author)  alex3194ohio9 years ago
here's mine, 100mhz, costed be about 150 total.
im not jealous of your nice oscilloscope. honest. (oscar: blatant engineer lie)
guyfrom7up (author)  tech-king9 years ago
you keep on saying oscar in your posts, is it your name?
IIRC he mentioned that he named his lab coat: "Oscar" (the cost of being lonely LOL).
im not that lonly. there is a girl i like. i do send roses on valentimes day to her. i did get her timbits. i called it oscar because i was lonly, under the influence of the book have space suit will travel (robert heinline) and because i was impressed with how well thought out the lab coats were.
:-) Sorry, I was just messin with you :-) My first car was named Obadiah, so I know how it goes ;-)
BTW: I love what we call "doughnut holes" down here in the states (what you call Timbits) :-)
now my gift of timbits feels cheap. thanks a lot!
Why ? They rank almost as high as Chocolates (especially if they ARE chocolate flavored) around here :-) Hey, completely off subject, but something this reminded me of (yeah, I know, I have a very WEIRD sense of subject connection), the other day I saw some Canadian Geese headed north.....and then wave after wave of them came flying up. I had never seen so many blanket the skies all at once like that. I was simply amazed. I stood there for nearly 5 minutes watching them all. Anyway, I just wanted to share that (whether you care or not LOL)
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