oxymorons + creation/evolution debate

I was trying to think up oxy morons, and wondered if any one had any good ones. Just post as many as you can think of. here's mine: jumbo shrimp.

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kelseymh8 years ago
Intelligent design
Creation Science.
? Fail
ReCreate is one of those people who have fallen victim to the Creation science scam.
Here we go again...
If you want.

I'll let you go first - provide non-biblical evidence for the creation myth that does not contain the phrases "it is obvious" or "if you have faith".
Well...I heard in many places, News, Even a dedicated TV show that they found a massive, wooden boat some place in the mountains, Or at least parts of it, And ancient wood in nearby places, that the boat was hollow with many chambers and rooms. What excuse are you going to make up for that?
It was an interview with about 3 diffirent people who visited it at 3 diffirent times. They did a lie detector test on them, and the results where that they did see a boat and it was massive, Huge that they think it was noah's ark.
I remember that - it was debunked in the Fortean Times over a decade ago.

It wasn't in the right mountain range, it wasn't at the top, it wasn't anywhere near the size given in the bible.

Proper examination by trained archaeologists showed it to be a natural formation, not a human construction at all.
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