packaging hack

My question is: how can I open a sealed toy package without damaging the package and in such a way that I may reassemble it after I’ve used the contents. Background: I am in the process of making a Super 8 film. One of my props are 3 Star Trek Borg action figures. I paid a pretty penny for them and only need to use them for a few scenes. When I am finished I want to put them back in the package and resell on eBay. Of course, I will give full disclosure to next buyer. The packaging is not true blister pack. It has a printed cardboard back with a molded plastic cover. I appears to be heat pressure sealed, probably with some sort of adhesive. I can provide digital pics when needed.

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kentek (author) 11 years ago
Alas, it was of no use to use the heat gun. The adhesive they use bonds the printed material to the plastic. I cut it carefully as I could with a razor blade. But the items are so neat, I'm keeping them and not retuning them to the eBay world. Thanks to all for their ideas.
kentek (author) 11 years ago
Thanks guys. I will try all three of your suggestions, stating with the heat gun. Got to be careful not to melt the container. I'll post on the outcome. ciao' kentek camarillo ca
Crash210811 years ago
I suggest not actually touching the edged though. Try a heat gun. But if a soldering iron is all you have, keep it over the plastic and blow over it.
iman11 years ago
try a soldering iron heat the edges then bend the edges out to take out the action figures then bend them back the same way.
mrbob100011 years ago
well you could try a very careful xacto knife and you can also try warming the adhesive with steam