paper bow

ok u heard of paper cross bow ( i made one my self but i had to throw it away cuz we moved it was actualy prity good) i was planing to make a new one but eh wat the hell i count find a cloths pin thing u so i just made a bow and spray painted it its acutaly prity acccurate and power full i shot my self on the hand by accedent it hurt bad it went in and made it bleed

Picture of paper bow
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taggerung9 years ago
wats so wrong about his speeling gosh
Danny10 years ago
please u have to spell properly, its one of the expected things here
gotja (author)  Danny10 years ago
Its not that messed up grammer like wat,eh.
Juklop10 years ago
I can't understand what you are saying. So yeah: How big is it?
gotja (author)  Juklop10 years ago
sorry when I typed it my sister was bothering me umm its about 2 and a half feet long. its not that big but still powerfull (its like 3 rubber bnands braded lol)
LasVegas10 years ago
pls uz spel chekr
Easy Button10 years ago
It's not completely a paper bow cause you used tape.
gotja (author)  Easy Button10 years ago
true tru i also used string just to make it look a lil more cooler and chpstics cuz i droped it and my sister steped on it so it bucked
gotja (author) 10 years ago
comon people