what are patches and why would i send them to someone?

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Kiteman6 years ago
They're digital badges of appreciation. You can send them wherever in the real world you would send a card or buy a drink for somebody.

There is a collection of site-patches or you can design your own.
are they there forever?
Pretty much, but if you get lots, later ones can push earlier ones to another page.
TheGeek19846 years ago
I just got my first one today, and in the message that I got in my inbox, it said it wears away/off in a month. Was that just a joke, or is it really only going to last for 30 days? Just wondering.

Are you serious? I've received my first patches but I have nobody to share with.

crazyg4 years ago
i had 14 to send , my pro expired then after i renew iv got 3 ?
Kiteman crazyg4 years ago
Drop an email to, and they'll be able to replace any missing patches.
crazyg Kiteman4 years ago
thanks Kiteman!
Kiteman crazyg4 years ago
Any time.
I find that it's a nice way to Thank someone for something they did.