pc wont connect to internet right

more or less recently, i posted a forum topic stating that after a while, my pc would not let me connect to anything but skype, and that to fix it, i would have to reboot. now, rebooting is a pain, i have a myriad of things to close out of, deal with, etc every time i boot up. the answers i got were just telling me how to remove applications, which i know how to do (derp) and my pc stopped doing it, so i descided to give up getting an answer.

its gotten WAY worse.
when i boot up my pc, it will not let me connect to skype, steam, or anything else, it will let me view one or 2 web pages before requiring a reboot, and takes a LONG time to reboot. someone PLEASE help me, i cant do ANYTHING with my pc anymore! i have had the idea of replacing my wifi adapter with a direct connection, but my router is too far with too many walls in between. if anyone knows what to do, please tell me. also, no "just reinstall windows" crap, please. i REALLY need to not. TIA,


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caitlinsdad5 years ago
This is the exact situation why people who drive Windows should need a license.

Rebooting several times helps determine if you first have hardware issues then you can tackle what software issues may be causing the problem.
Krayzi99 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
well, i cant get a license, im only 13. i have determined that it is not software, due to the fact that if i bridge the connection to it wired via the ethernet port on my moms laptop, it works, and i have tested my usb wifi adapter on my mom's laptop, and it has the same exact issue. and i have rebooted countless times ( 40-50 times in the past 2 days) trying to get it to work, and i have opened up my pc and got out the my hand-me-down multimeter to see if i could find any hardware issues, of which i could not find. I disagree with you, though, and i dont think you should need a license to run a windows machine. windows is the easiest (in my opinion ) of the 3 major OSs to prototype software on. it looks like this case might be pretty much wrapped up already, sorry for wasting space on the server HDD...
I don't think that you need a multimeter unless you have to check a power supply. You do not have a power problem. If you tried the adapter on your mother's computer and you observed the same issues, I think that you just found the culprit.
The license thing is a common user support joke in response to anyone posting a panicked rant on computer problems. Probing around on the motherboard with a multimeter doesn't get you much, oscilloscope would be better if you knew what to look for. Still, maybe your drivers for the usb wi-fi adapter needed to be updated/reloaded, or not.
Krayzi99 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
lol i did not know that. im afraid i made my self more paniced then i had to be, and yes, i know, i was just check with my multimeter to try and find anything. again, panicked. i dont have a oscilloscope, nor the money to obtain one. I have not tried reloading my drivers, and the wifi adapter is pretty much out of commision, so updating isnt it. also, it might be a pain to find the drivers without having the disc anymore. maybe i'll google it. anyway. thatnks for the help.
blkhawk5 years ago
Maybe you inadvertently have downloaded malware from some internet sites. I don't think that the wifi adapter is the culprit. Everything that you have described points to a software problem. Malwares sometimes take over ports in your computer. Try this first: Click on the Start (or logo button on your task bar) and type "msconfig" in the bottom box. Press enter. The system configuration box should appear on your desktop. Go to the Startup tab and look for any suspicious software and remove the check mark on the box. When your finish, restart your computer. If you continue having more problems, you have no other choice than saving your files on a usb drive and reinstall Windows. Some malware are impossible to remove and require a format of your drive and a clean new install.