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well i want to see everybodys pets and see what they look like so post your pet pictures here. i will post my pictures here in a little while

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Randomguy657 years ago
My dogs, Ginger, (White dog) and Rosie (brown dog)
Here is my puppy. She's so pretty. I'm pretty sure she was born in late September or early October.
Doctor What9 years ago
List of pets: One dog One more dog that isn't really ours, but he can crawl under the fence, and our neighbor can't keep him over there One rabbit (it needs to die) Two cats (they can't die, they're immortal, and they are planning invasion)
Why does your rabbit need to die?
Because, rabbits are disgusting.
Then why don't you sell it instead of hoping it will die?
Because, my parents won't get rid of it. Apparently my little sister likes it.
Well, you could always convince them that it's dangerous.
They are. They have sharp pointy teeth! And they can carry disease.
But they're cute.
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