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slu6alka8 years ago
Here's some of my work :)
eon789 slu6alka8 years ago
You totally need to upload this to Instructables.
peinis0 eon7895 years ago
Wow those are really cool! I wish i could also know how to do the same. :)
slu6alka eon7898 years ago
I'm working...it's a lot of work....It'll be ready in a few days:)
how do you make that!
That is so unbelievably cool !!!! :D
Is this really origami ????
Yes it is:)
this is soo cool! it looks like histamine from the old allegra commericals.
Some day I'll show you how to make it:)
yay! }:)
luc.dof15 years ago
My first Instructable ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Modular-Origami-triangle-and-square/ )
Here is my first attempt to make an origami. (Just in case you're wondering : It's a rock)

Pass me my glue-gun, somebody, I need to fix my split sides

It's called a joke.

Try reading the posts above.
ahem, jokes are SUPPOSED to be "side-splitting" if they are funny
You can make me LOL every time!
You are awesome at making rocks!
so real looking
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Drat! I was expecting Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford, et al. <snicker> Guess I should have paid more attention to which group it was posted in.
. Nice job.
Well, try making an origami Cindy Crawford then ;-)
Me too. I was a little confused. :P
I am not good at Origami but but
is that a head glued to a paper tube?
this is magic.
=SMART=8 years ago
I did a paper model for the instructables robot HERE
I geuss its origami as its folding and paper :P