pixel wall build out of multiple monitors without a computer

i am working on a projekt to make a pixel monitor wall without a computer.
i hoped that i can just give a small signal to each of the RGB oprts of the VGA-plug from the monitor to control a solid color on a monitor.
i am getting crazy by "circuitbend" each of the pins on the vga plug.

can anybody help me what would be the key-move to get a first result in bringing up the monitor jsut show a red(or green or blue) display?

i would be so thankful if anybody had tips on building that.
i wanted to use multiple monitors (up to 4 x 4 = 16) to make such a pixel wall and just wanted to connectit to small microcontroller.

please help me


ledartist6 years ago

Interesting concept. Since most analog monitors need "sync" signals just to turn on, you need a microcontroller to generate the sync signal.
I think about 16 kHz for horizontal, and 60 Hz for vertical should do. Just a pulse in those frequencies. Apply the sync signals to appropriate pins of VGA connector. Then for the color, R/G/B pins should take DC voltage between 0 to 5 V. Adjust the voltages to create solid colors.

lukeyj156 years ago
Might this help?