play guns with sound

hello every body this is my first post
i am doing a project to make toy guns with sound but i have no idea how to.
i have alreadytried several times but failed
what i mainly need is a way to store the sound but it needs to be cheap
anything will be helpfull
thank you

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Personilized greting cards.
The ones that will record your voice and play back when you open the card.
Strip out the recorder record the sound and put it in the gun.
I'll try it out but I don't know if it will be loud enough thank you
Anything else
I have done this with a door bell.
Conect the output to a small amp to make it louder.
Forgive me for my ignorance but what is an amp and where do I get one
Sorry amplifier.

You could use a simple opamp or salvage one from something electronic.
Any instructabeles on that
Yes here is one

in the serch box type amp, opamp, or amplifyer
Thanks ever so much for this idea I never would have thought of that