please help yellow jackets have invaded our humming bird feeder

hello everyone i have quite the question for you you see i have a humming bird feeder and for the past 3-4 years we have enjoyed humming birds all summer long but ever since the yellow jackets have found the feeder the hummers are nowhere to be found we have tried searching for the nest but no luck if anyone has any ideas please post them also see the picture below to get an idea of the type of feeder i am using

thank you,

Picture of please help yellow jackets have invaded our humming bird feeder
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Rick alde1 year ago

If there is no Hummingbirds there you could put wasp killer into the feeder then when they are all dead, just clean it out.

Kiteman6 years ago
Try sitting still a short distance away and watching the yellowjackets - if they're all coming from one nest, you should get an idea of where they're coming from.
fidgety2 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
we have attempted this and found it hard to see them as they fly any ideas?

lie on ground. Bugs will b seen against sky rather than against busy background of bushes, trees etc.

Maybe a hummingbird proof yellowhammer trap?

Leave the hummingbird feeder dry for a few days,let the yellowhammers get trapped, then re-stock the hummingbird feeder.
DollyD71 year ago

If the holes are too big and let's the yellow jackets in then make the holes smaller!.. I used hot glue gun to fill half the hole in with glue. At first the bees came a running but soon found that they couldn't get in the sugar water. SUCCESS feels so good...No harm no foul!


LesB5 years ago
1. Make sure the feeding holes are not large enough for the yellowjackets to to get through.
2. Then, as someone mentioned, clean the outside of the feeder well.
3. Make sure the feeder does not leak.

Do these things then the yellowjackets will have no reason to attach the feeder because they can't get food there. They'll go somewhere else for food, maybe to your neighbors.
Are you still having problems with the yellowjackets? I just recently read an article that suggested tying a dryer sheet to the feeder. The author claimed they no longer had issues with bees (no mention of yellowjackets). I can't personally vouch for this solution but it is inexpensive, non-destructive to otherwise beneficial insects, and may be worth a try. Don't forget to change the sheet after a rain!
TheLegoDJ6 years ago
We had this problem a while ago. What helped was cleaning the humming bird feeder really really well. Making sure to not splash any sugar all over the sides and whatnot. If not maybe a new feeder?
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