polypurse- the plastic bag project

Hi! my name is galit and I am an industrial Design student. im doing a project turning plastic bags into fashionable purses. I would love for your help and opinions on my bags and I will be happy to post the instruction for the ones you like. Thank you!

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galit (author) 8 years ago
Ok first a little request please take pictures of the place in your house were you put all your plastic bags Thank you!
Goodhart galit8 years ago
I have taken a cloth and folded one end around a draw string and sewed it in place, and taken the other end and sewn it so there is about a 2 inch (about 5 cm) opening to pull the bags out of when you need them.   

This is just a storage device, so I have the plastic bags for use in small trash cans etc. and I an store them all in one place.....I just push them into the "top" (hang the draw string around a door knob or something) and when I need one, pull one out of the bottom.  

I hope this is helpful  :-)
hi... I really love your first bag..( The one with color black) so cool yet eco friendly...
I would like to make one too,...... can you plz send me the instructions? plzzzzzz..... Thank you very much...
galit (author) 8 years ago
more fresh new bags
Hello galit, im jessica and i want to tell you that the bags are just beutifull! i really like the colored one. If you can tell me i would like to know if you are fusing them together too.
galit (author)  jassica morsulatio8 years ago
hi jessica, yes i fused the bag so the texture will be smooter and the bag will be stronger. i can post the instrucion if you want.
galit (author) 8 years ago
my new bag is here, i hope to post anther one soon what do you think?
galit (author) 8 years ago
i use multiple bags and i fuss them together. But my goal is to make a more original and interesting bag and use the good thing that plastic bags can give my designs. Most purses made out of plastic bags don’t look as good as fabric or leather ones, would you walk around with them?
lemonie galit8 years ago
I like the finish! Only ever known of one person called Galit, she's in Israel somewhere - are you? (sorry I know it's a bit random..)

galit (author)  lemonie8 years ago
yes im from israel ,what do you thing of my purses?
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