pop tab chainmaille

Please either remove the affore mentioned instructable or modify it to include the words in VERY LARGE TYPE that this application will in no way provide ANY protection in Any situation what so-ever!!!!!!!! This is the first instructable I have seen that has the potential to cause severe bodily injury to anyone!!!!! Chainmail armor MUST be constucted of steel or iron to provide ANY protection at all!!! Please! Please Tell Your veiwers of this GROSS error!!! Thank You!! Roy Smith.

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Kiteman8 years ago
Firstly, that comment should have been made on the project itself. Secondly, I don't recall seeing any claims that it would protect you against anything. Thirdly, anybody who is daft enough to think that paper-thin aluminium is proof against anything more serious that a custard pie will already have been banned from playing with dangerous sharp things. Like pencils.
Your school uses pencils!??!! My school uses non toxic, lead free finger paint.
Must be awkward in an ICT lesson ;-D
Not really since I don't know what ICT is. However, the ironic part is I don't use much paint is my art class.(3D sculpture and design)
Information nand Communication technology - computers.
I see...To make things worse, the computers are touch screens. lol
lucky my high-school had p3s until this year i mean the elementary schools had imac 5gs the year they came out
wish u could fav and rate comments
Lol. Thanks.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Do you not think the person created a user account just to see who'd react to this post? L
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