possible? the auto-cooling pillow.

I am the kind of person that flips over his pillow every fwe minutes so my face can be on the cool side for a bit. I was wondering if anyone has ever created a pillow that keeps one side cool the entire time. Can anyone help?

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RAZExJohnY1 year ago

what about lining a pillow case on the inside with high gauge flexible tubing and sewing it to the case.

Then attach a low noise pump to one of the ends of the tubing and then attaching more tube to a plastic container filled with water then attach the other end of the tube from the pillow then attach the tube to the other side of the plastic container.

Yonatan241 year ago

Make a pillow that's filled with cool water

So I hear one "Chillow is good" and one "Chillow is a dud." Can we take a vote before I spend money on one?

I really think the products on the market today do not provide the relief some of us are looking for. I go to sleep every night with an Corn Filled small pillow placed on my neck that has been frozen overnight. I have two of them in the freezer and switch in the middle of the night to keep cool. I also keep a quiet fan by my headboard that blows constantly on my head (but this causes a really dry nose and throat) but most of all bothers my spouse in the winter. The corn pillows actually work pretty well (you can flip them and the corn on the other side are still cool a bit later) so I am seriously thinking of trying the buckwheat pillow that has been in the freezer to see how that works.. but I love the idea of the cool water or air flowing through the pillow but since I am a light sleeper I think the noise would wake me up. The issue for some people is that all those pillows out there are made for some people and for others whose heads become so incredibly hot at night it just seems like there is no relief except for a frozen pack of some sort so the corn filled or maybe buckwheat seems to work the best. I am thinking of getting a small fridge for my bedroom to just keep frozen corn packs that I can switch throughout the night so I dont have to go to the kitchen. SIGH... OH BTW, if you use any pack with a cloth cover in the freezer place them in a plastic bag so they do not absorb odors, I learned my lesson.
Tedster7777 years ago
I suggest you look at the Oasis Body Pillow. It uses Thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling and stays cool, or warm if you want indefinately. Great for wonem with hot flashes or others with night sweats. It really works, no BS.
Goodhart10 years ago
Hmm, I was thinking more along the lines of having a small quiet pump, slowly pump cool water through some small tubing running an inch or so under the place you head lay, which would absorb the heat, move on and then be pumped through a small radiator/fan combo to cool it again. It would never get you "terribly cold" but it would be cooler.
a small radiator like used in a "performance" VW bug (Superbug era) would work nicley
Gorfram7 years ago

What struck me was to find some sort of endothermic-reaction-based chemical cool-pak (opposite of those exothermic chemical heat-paks used for handwarmers and such) that you could tuck/build into your pillow. Preferably with the reaction inititated by pressure akin to the weight of human head.

Not sure if you could get enough heat absorbtion that you could just stick it in freezer during the day to renew, or if you'd have to somehow place a heatsink inside or underneath your pillow.

OTOH, a buckwheat pillow that's been in the freezer all day sounds like it'd be pretty darned good.
lemonie7 years ago

Change the pillow.
What you have isn't soaking heat away, it's keeping it close to your head.
Or try without.
Non-winter dense-filling perhaps?

Hot water bottle + freezer. 'nuff said.
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