post pictures of your drawings

ill start with mine ( so far)

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Here's some of mine, both using traditional media and digital art software (note, sneaking a few paintings in there too).

Bumblebee Romance.jpgLadybug Romance.jpgTails and Pichu Doodle.jpgWatercolor Combee.jpgSonic Doodle.jpgBlack, fuzzy bats against a night sky.jpgJack-o-lantern.jpgEnterprise, meet Defiant.jpgBorg Cube Beautyshot.jpgEpic Randomness 5.jpgIndex Card Abstract.jpgI've Got a Golden Ticket...pngCupidchu.pngPichu Paint.pngTechnikana II.bmpTechnikana IV.bmpPST 008.pngPST 010.pngPST 005.pngLuvdisc against a bubbly blue background.jpgJust a random Luvdisc sketch.pngSwimming with Luvdisc.jpgOran Berry Pie-eating Contest.jpgNX-01 Going on the Scenic Route through the Black of Space.png
monsterlego2 years ago

Heres my drawing of Smaug

14 - 1.jpg
monsterlego2 years ago

Heres my drawing of Smaug

14 - 1.jpg
i just started drawing last week i have had no art lessons and just felt like drawing tell me how i did
Malhecho (author)  ThomasonBowwow3 years ago
not bad, im looking at the drawing i posted and after some practice ive become much better just by trial and error. we all have to start somehwere
Goodhart5 years ago
I draw and then burn the drawing into wood....
The Iron Grip.jpgExample Sketch on tracing paper.jpgwolf picture2.JPGPicture 1861.jpgPicture 234.jpgPicture 231.jpg
wow! awesome masterpieces..
keep it up! :)
My eyesight, sadly is fading quickly. I can no longer see well enough to do the detail, and using a magnifier complicates things a bit. But I wish I could still do those.
Hooray! Chemistry Cat is back!
Yes, and that is one of the captions I wrote :-)
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