power hack

Aside from it being an ugly hack, is there any reason I can't strip the wire back from the end of a printer power cable and solder it to the plug terminals of a 5v wall wart transformer? This shouldn't be a fire hazard since the power cord should be rated correctly, correct?

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westfw9 years ago
Some of the wall warts I've taken apart recently (especially those with "folding plugs") have the actual power supply module nicely separate from the actual plug. Pressure contacts and big pads for the plug module, a real connector for the output cord. Lovely for hacking.
westfw westfw9 years ago
Here's an example. When it's together and the plug is unfolded, the plug prongs make contact with those two wire jumpers at the bottom of the picture - a fine place to connect a hard-wired power cord. Note that most "wall wart" power supplies are less than 25W (this one is about 3W), so they don't need a very "beefy" connection to the AC line... (This motorola phone charger, at 5.9V and 0.375 amp, would be fine for powering most logic and microprocessor projects if you used a normal rectifier diode (0.7V Vf) to protect against reverse connections and drop the voltage a bit.)
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
it should be fine... usually all wall warts have a label on them that tells you how much current it draws.. just make sure you insulate it properly, or better yer, take the wall wart apart and solder directly to the transformer
They're generally hermatically sealed, but yes it would be advantageous.
ya, but randofo probably has a dremel or a hacksaw so that shouldn't be a problem