powertool fix

hi can anyone here help me, I have a industrial power drill like power head on a machine I think it might drive my machine via a 1/2" or 3/4" drive. I suspect the drill has been submerged in water on a coal mine in queensland. The brand is called "wolf" from london and from what I have found out they no longer exists. can this machine be restored? thanks ash

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broc113559 (author) 4 years ago
Thanks Guys, As my machine will be hired out I chose to take it to a speciallist that way if someone got zapped I would not be at fault, He didn't sound too re-assuring and had his doubts but it turns out it was only the cord:) also the is quite clean inside. Thanks for your help guys.
Toga_Dan4 years ago
cleaning the rotor and replacing brushes are the easiest 1st thing. How are the bearings?
Just about anything can be restored. The question is... Is it worth being restored? Will the cost and effort be worth the final product?

I suspect in this case it won't be. But you can certainly pull it apart but you may find most of the insides will need to be replaced.
broc113559 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thanks Mpilchfamily, this particular drill is specialised, drives a gearbox. a replacement costs $1800+ needs an adapter unit. I will pull the unit apart or see an electrician and try to identify the problems. I just wonder if there could be a replacement motor that just slots in.
If it's specialized then i doubt you can find a new motor to drop into it. You may have to rebuild the existing motor.