print pdf not working

returns no pdf and the error

0 PageResult values not set

Resin Professional 3.0.23 (built Mon, 22 Jan 2007 02:25:17 PST)

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kirnex8 years ago
Anyone still having this problem? Each time I try to savePDFs via "Save Target As" it tries to save it as a zero-file HTML. If I click on the pdf link directly, it just refreshes the page. Grrrrr. Help?
I'll suggest you to download a imaging SDK ,which can create,load ,>save pdf easily.i've used one of the image SDK.That's good!
Microbe (author)  marrisazhang4 years ago
4 years later...
kirnex Microbe4 years ago
Are you using Chrome? Google needs to get their sh!t together--so many of their services have failed for me recently--including Chrome. I was having this issue constantly using it. Apparently, there are issues with the new adobe flashplayer updates, etc. I finally got tired of it and uninstalled Chrome and am now using Firefox--which is much more reliable.

The other thing is: apparently, according to the site's twitter feed, at least one of the app servers are currently down. They recommend clearing all site cookies, then trying to load the page (or download the pdf) again. It definitely helped me--I was getting the "technical difficulties" page until I cleared my cookies, and it's been fine since.

Hope this helps.
strmrnnr8 years ago
Have downloaded and installed the latest version of Firefox and have upgraded to PRO and still can't download .pdf files. The link to the pdf opens a new window and copies the original link page it was made by. I try the links on this new page and the page reloads in the same window.
Problem solved. I had to add an Adobe Flashplayer plugin to the new Firefox browser. Seems to be working fine now.
ewilhelm8 years ago
Work for me. Try it again?
Still failing, Eric, as of Saturday 6 June. Pull up an I'ble, click on the "PDF" icon as the last step. You get a new page (eventually!) with a URL link like

Trying to access that link (as Microbe noted in the topic text) returns a new tab or window with the "Resin Professional" error report.
That PDF is downloading fine for me.
kirnex ewilhelm8 years ago
Out of curiosity: what browser (and ver.) are you using? I'm on a Vista machine that just updated recently, which I suspected caused some of the problems. I'd also recently upgraded to IE8, then downgraded out of frustration at how slow pages were loading. Now, this made me paranoid, so I went ahead and upgraded to IE8 again. I suspected it might be the adobe add-on for IE, but from what I've seen thus far IE8 doesn't allow you to update your add-ons as easily as prior versions. Knowing your (correctly working) browser and Acrobat type (reader, or full version), as well as the version might be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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