pro membership expired

My account says that I no longer have a pro membership however my bank shows I paid $11.98 on October 8, 2012.  I did allow my account to lapse months ago and resigned up after having my computer repaired.  My computers motherboard fried and I was without a computer for a few months  which is why I no longer needed pro.  Can you please look into this matter for me?

Thank you,

Alison Burgess

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
Please email this request to   and include your username
alison528 (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Did 3 times. No solution. Now what?
Hey Alison,
I've put this on the top of the pile and it will be looked at tomorrow. When your account lapses there is sometimes a hiccup that stops renewal. You will get your membership as you paid for. In the meantime I have upgraded your membership with a 3-month Pro so you can continue your experience. I apologize for any lack of service you received.

alison528 (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Thank you Mike. It is very stress relieving when someone finally acts. Happy Holidays!
alison528 (author) 5 years ago
Hmm, odd all of these complaints about no pro membership. I have attempted to contact the email that you provided 3 TIMES to no avail. This was a great a site. Somebody's not managing the funds properly and now I'm out 12 bucks.