problem with the comments tracker.

I receive notification form the instructables robot via eMail, but they don't appear on the comment list.

Phil B7 years ago
I posted a 2nd response to AngryRedhead's 2nd comment, but it does not appear when she views the Comments on my Instructable.  It does appear on my screen when I view the Instructable, but the number of comments listed when I view the Published page is one comment less than I see when I view the Instructable.  I am writing about the Instructable "A Precise Table Saw from an Electric Handsaw."
noahw Phil B7 years ago
Ask her if she can see it now.  Your comment got caught in one of our filters for a little while because it had a lot of links in it (tell tale behavior from spammers - sorry you were wrongly profiled).  Anyway, it looks like it has since been reviewed and made live on the site, so hopefully everythings good to go.  Let me know if things seem otherwise.  Best - Noah
lordofthedonuts (author) 9 years ago
ok, thanks for the info!
rachel9 years ago
Your comment tracker only shows comments that are made directly on Instructables or Forum Topics (etc) that you wrote. But you get notified of any comment in a thread you commented in, in case you are following the thread. In other words, they aren't exactly the same thing.

Also, we expanded the notifications to include subscriptions - are you subscribed to anyone? If so, you'll get notifications for other things they post, as well as comments on your items. Check your subscriptions at .