problems with my comments especially on my own instructibles.

the comments that i posted on my instructibles in response to questions are missing or have been removed and there is no explanation as to why they weren't offensive and were just answering peoples questions and they're gone please resolve the bug. here's the insrtuctibles where it happened ,

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Your comments were being flagged as spam, so one of the staff here at HQ investigated your comments page, found the users who flagged you to be correct, and noted that the majority of your comments were spam.

Since it takes time to go through each comment one at a time and delete it, and you had such an excessive amount of spammy comments, it was decided to just delete all of your comments.

If you feel that you were in the wrong you can email info at instructable dot com and make your case.
.  Thank you

cyprian916 (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
my comments were not span and i would prefer if you refrain from being immature.
kcls cyprian9167 years ago
It is not immature, it is running a business. Why don't you stop being immature and not post spammy comments!
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  IIRC, randofo (AKA Randy Sarafan) is the person to contact about such things. If not, he will forward your PM to the appropriate minion.