proud to be canadian

yes!!! I am canadian

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REDNEK7779 years ago
no i,m from usa son yeah, you know wut you canadians and any other country wold call dumb red neck,s.........................................................yeah the dumb red necks who win every war that is.
well the username is not helping
You could have observed that: Rednecks didn't win in Korea, Vietnam, or any war they weren't involved in, joined in half-way through on the winning side in WW1 & 2, and the member's state being part of the Confederacy, surrendered to the Union in the civil war.

as part as that last part is concerned we only moved down there for 1 year,we were always marylanders and 2 the union(aka:winners) was the actual government.
REDNEK77 list as Georgia, so he lost.

oh,i thought you were talking about me.
and i dont think you remember how we kicked yor butts 300 (or so) years ago,just saying.....................
V-Man7379 years ago
Let me see if I'm getting this right... The best reason to be Canadian is that the USA has a less-than-perfect president? (Even if he was Satan, how would that cause Canada to be a great place?)

...and I thought it would be because the Canadian dollar is finally worth more than a US dollar...

*dodges rotten tomatoes*
better list? We have healthcare We don't have as much crime We don't have nearly as many murders. We have a huge amount of forests which arent taken over by lawnchairs and swiming pools We have one of the largest coastlines We don't bomb countries, we simply clean them up after Mr. George W. does. We are a mosaic not a melting pot We dont have the death penalty We don't have huge amounts of poverty We made the telephone And we have clean air. Not saying that Canada is perfect, you just wanted to see a better list.
no death penalty? so some guy could go SHOOT 60 people and keep his life? if you kill someone you should pay the price. a life in prison is not enough.
i'd rather die than spend life in prison...
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