pumping water without electricity?

So I want to build an aquaponics system, because they're awesome, but I need a way to move water about 6' verticaly. I dont have elctricity where I want to put it, and there's not going to be. The water needs to be moved from the bottom of the fish tank, to the top of a resivoir tank. I want to buy the least amount of stuff possible for thisproject, so I could use some help:D

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Roscooo5 months ago

Interesting idea!

if you wanna pump like crazy its impossible(i think),but id you wan't slowly you can,use nylon(any fabric) and use it so suck water from below to up.It ain't possible because water is a newtonian flui

Ephemerol91 year ago


i am non tech so explain everything in REALLY SIMPLE terms.I can make things /put stuff together(not buildings) so how can I construct/adapt something to act as a small pump or whatever the mechanism is called to produce water bubbles in a regular bathtub as in a spa/hydrotherapy bath,for my painful back.

.I do NOT want an actual spa bath, apart from size + expense they use huge amount of power to operate.Is it possible to make,buy or adapt something that doesnt require an industrial size gas boiler/huge electric bill.All plumbers I have asked tell me there is no such thing or only if I buy an actual spa bath(which then won,t run on my regular boiler) please tell me if fitting such a thing to existing small domestic bath is possible or if it can be constructed and run on LPG(bottled gas) or solar power etc


I use low pressure air to pump water with an airlift pump. It needs about 1 psi of air pressure. I do use an electrical bubble pump for an aquarium to make the low pressure air but I could use a stream and tromp ( no moving part air compressor). I made a tromp on a little stream years ago and it produced between 11 and 15 litres per minute of 3 psi air. This would be enough for about 30? of the airlift pumps shown in the video. I plan to make proof of concept for this compressed air produced by tiny wind power and tiny solar Stirling and fluidyne pumps later in the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pI31ZwEL40 And it pumps to well over 6 ft high too.
Father Tom4 years ago
You might be talking about a water ram. Check it out here: http://www.rampumps.com/index.html
GinaLanc7 years ago
I also want to run an aquaponics system without using electricity. I'm not electronical minded and even though I love this website and want to make everything, that said I am only an artist so my question may sound stupid. Is there a way the Tesla CD Turbine could run from the pressure of the water draining from the above food tanks to the lower fish tanks or be used with any of the above suggestions?
There most likely is, but because of the law of conservation of energy, you will only be able to pump "part" of the water back up, using any generated electricity, etc. In other words, the system will stop after running for a bit, unless you add energy (water from a hose or pumphouse, or whatever) from the outside of the system.
After looking at the 'World's Greenest Water Pump' found on this site I am now wondering if I could use that instead. We live up on a hill and if we place the pump down low do you think the pressure of water draining down to the pump (instead of the pressure from a creek or river) be enough pressure to run it. We have a drop of at least 15 feet that we could use. Thanks for your imput!
jakem456 (author) 7 years ago
I was thinking somethin along those lines, except I don't know what I could use for the "pump of some description"
How about...

A vertical axis turbine (like a savonius or Lenz), with a universal joint beneath.

The universal joint is connected to rotate a shaft at 45° to the vertical.

The end of the shaft is in the lower tank, and wrapped around the shaft is a length of flexible tubing (such as hose pipe) - it's a wind-powered Archimedes screw!

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