guess-the-joke's-punchline contest


the winners:
blue ribbon: Gorillazmiko
Honorable mention: Dsman195267

the joke:

A man walks into a fireworks store and asks: "Can I have a bang for a buck?"

the joke with honorable mention:

a man walks into a fireworks store and says: "it's dark in here, can I have a match?"

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jstark1018 years ago
"I wish to return this faulty firework"
DJ Radio (author)  jstark1018 years ago
its too late. the contest has been over 4 a week...
Goodhart8 years ago
A man walks into a fireworks store and asks: "When did THIS building replace the street that was here."

ran into...get it?
DJ Radio (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
yeah, it was funny, sort of. the contest ended, gorillazmiko and dsman got the prizes.....
Yeah, I know. I couldn't work in the usual: A man walked into a bar and said OUCH ! joke, so it became awkward :-)
I know it is closed, but I had to put in my 2 cents worth LOL
dsman1952768 years ago
it's dark in here, better light a match!
DJ Radio (author)  dsman1952768 years ago
or this one: hi, i would like to order a big mac with fries...WHAT, THIS ISN'T MCDONALDS??
DJ Radio (author)  dsman1952768 years ago
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