push button precise timed Syrup dispenser

Hello all

i have a "Burning Question" i have very little electrical experience and i suppose therein lies my problem, in the past Instructables have helped me out of a lot of binds, so here goes...

i wish to make a liquid dispenser with adjustable settings eg: 1 sec; 2 sec; 3 sec up to 12 seconds i suppose
now in this i know a potentiometer would enable this function, coupled with a 555 timer and a solenoid .( gravity feed )

now here is the real challenge ( for me at least) the circuitry and connections elude me a lot. would any of you smart people take pity upon a noob and guide me through this project?

any and all help very welcome and appreciated

Joe pixie

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iceng7 months ago

If you can count, I can help you build each block..

flow box.PNG
Joe Pixie (author)  iceng7 months ago

@ iceng yes that musch i can do,

ilpug7 months ago

I think that at a high cycle rate the kind of actuators you would be using might wear out. Possibly a mechanical solution?

Joe Pixie (author)  ilpug7 months ago

@ ilpug thank you for the reply, if you have a more durable ( mechanical ) solution i am all ears, ( and maybe a drawing of sorts ? )

ilpug Joe Pixie7 months ago

Upon thinking about this a little more, I realize that a totally mechanical solution would be foolish. My original concern was that you mention use of a solenoid. Solenoids lose strength if they are cycled repetitively in a short time period. If your application requires fast repetitive cycling in a short time period, then I would recommend a servo motor operating either a gate valve or a pinch valve. Syrup is viscous and can cause mechanical valve components to stick together, something that should be considered in your design.

Can I hazard a guess that the application is feeding measured amounts of flavored syrups for making flavored drinks?

Instead of relying on gravity feed, you could use a pumping system like the one used in this linked Instructable, but have a timer circuit that shuts off the button after a few seconds. If your liquid isn't already pressurized I think this would work well.


Joe Pixie (author)  ilpug7 months ago

@ ilpug yes it would have to dispense syrups for flavoured coffee, but i do not want to limit the application to just coffee, hence the timer. Alcohol, snow cone syrup and so on. the machine would i suppose have to dispense 4 - 6 times per min as that is how long prep on the drink would allow. servo and stepper motors i have now clue as to how they work or even get incorporated , thanx for the link, this was the general idea that sparked the little project of mine.

Downunder35m7 months ago

If you check Google for 555 timer examples you will find a lot of useful info.
The timing can be changed for example with a selection switch and different resistors.
Of course you can alsways get chep electronic timers that you can program to specific times.
Last but not least you can use a screw and motor to dispense what you need.
Using a stepper motor would allow accuracy down to a ml...

Joe Pixie (author)  Downunder35m7 months ago

@ Downunder35m thank you for the reply, yes google does have a lot of diagrams. but to a layman like me this looks greek. i am trying to learn though, its just a bit of a process. but thank you for the advise none the less...