pyro fun

any thing that involves fire or explosives

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nuckthebuck7 years ago
whats this picture of? is it explosive? if so how do you make it?
get a piece of magnesium (wal-mart/big five) from a fire starting kit, use a file to powderize it mix the whole bar with equal parts of aluminum powder (aluminum foil put through a coffee grinder) and iron oxide (rust), the magnesium makes it easier to light with just a blow torch. voila! you have the most fun pyro powder ever, thermite
Young T10 years ago
simple and involves fire - get an aresol can, light a lighter, spray the aresol just above the lighter but on the flame and there you have it a flame thrower! people will tell you that there is a risk of the can blowing up but this is rubish he can is too tightly sealed for this to happen.
mr j124 Young T8 years ago
i hate to tell you but it can blow up and if you dont beleive me then try it yourself keep the thing on until it is empty you just wait
lol this are dump jaint homemade snap n pops are fun
westfw10 years ago
Yeah, like all the other pyrotechnics and fire groups/forums are so full of advanced projects that we needed a separate forum for the easy stuff?
hi (author)  westfw10 years ago
you know i really agree
hi (author) 10 years ago
something easy, your right