query about soundproofing

Hey, What would be the best commonly available material to soundproof a small device? Sam

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I started to look around the internet and was amazed at all the places that sell soundproofing. There are several ways, one way I noticed to be very common with all sites is the mass loaded vinyl barrier material. The prices do varey from one extreme to the other, the material isn't however. I sfound a really cheap price for the soundproofing material here:[http://http//www.soundproofing-soundproof.com Soundproofing]
trackerfx9 years ago
I've used a lot of different ideas, depending on the application. For something reasonably cheap and effective try using 3/4" plywood, with 2x2's for the corners. Carpet the entire thing, inside and out, for better results. Be cautious about temp and ventalation, if this is something that gets hot. (IE: Generator.) PS: Reduce vibrations/noise transfer through the floor by putting the object on rubber. The thicker, the better.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. As Pat says, it's hard to say without out knowing what you're trying to do. A cardboard box might do the trick or you might need something a little more pricey (as per gmoon's Dynamat suggestion). If you want it sound-PROOF, even Goodhart's vacuum will require isolation between the source and its' mounting. Lot's of choices in between.
Goodhart10 years ago
Vacuums work best (sound can't travel so well without a medium), but barring that, foam (if your project does not get very hot) works great (as was already suggested I see).
gmoon10 years ago
One standard is Dynamat, which is pretty expensive. But there are also paints and foams. Search or 'auto soundproofing' and you'll find lots of products with lots of price variation. ASAIK, anything dense works. Lead (foil, etc) was a standard, too, but it's heavy and has that toxic thing goin' on.
Not knowing what the device is I could only hazard a guess and say thick custard! Cheers, Pat. Pending