question about floating things on SF6 or any other gas

Hey guys, I have this burning desire to float something on SF6. Rather than just balloons or foil boat. Right now i am thinking about dandelions seeds, dust bunnies? dead insects? is there any way for these things to float on SF6? or any other gas? In addition, if i use a balloon full of air, how long can it stay up before going back down? if i seal the fish tank up really good, can i keep it up for a good amount of time? Please let me know what you guys think! Thank you so much!

haoishao (author) 5 years ago
thank you so much kiteman.
I am so intrigued by Sf6 and its potential to create something visually stunning.
Its just really hard to put down 300 dollars when I dont even know if it'll work.
Kiteman haoishao5 years ago

Whoah, I thought you'd managed to "acquire" some through work or college...
Kiteman5 years ago
If in doubt,
Try it out.