question about something important

perfect me if im wrong but i dont think the following instructables should be in this contest: Super mario bros! LED mushroom halloween pumpkin LED handie LED & Fiber Optic New Years Party - they entered before the competition started. please say if im right. thank you EDIT: thanks for all of your answers! this is good to know i guess otherwise i wouldnt sleep this night goodnight everyone Dunnos

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We go through and remove entries that aren't in the correct date range periodically. Soon this system will be automated, but for now there might be a bit of a delay. So don't worry, we're paying attention.
Can you clear up a question I had... Are Led related projects only counted, because some aren't led related and I thought the rules were to make something with/related to Leds... or is it just anything?
i suppose this means my variable pulse, square wave generator powered jacobs ladder plans with led that lights up when the spark gap fires does not count?
I don't know I asked becasue i didn't know what was going on, it has an led though...
actually, im planning somthing a tad more complex and led related
good stuff, I'm in the process of doing a few LED things, including modifying a bike light to have a brake light function... and special history based one../
Again, its led-related, but people add them to the contests, even though they aren't allowed. Don't worry, they're removed before judging ;-)
God I really do fail to see the logic in people... It's a contest called get the LED out, what does that say to you?
Still, people might think its automated or something :P Who knows...
Ah well their loss of a minute or so...
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