quick question about dating

Anyways I ran into one of my highschool friends on myspace. We dated once in college, we both went to two different schools, (6 years ago) and pretty much went our separate ways. Anyways i asked her out on a date to the movies on 13 FEB and she said sure. My question is I can get chocolate real cheep from work (at cost) should I give her a box of chocolate or will that be too romantic. Valentines day is on the 14th and I dont want to be too romantic, incase she turned into a psycho. What would be an appropriate gift (if any) to give someone that you havent seen in 6 years.?

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tech-king8 years ago
how do girls react to anonymous flowers? ive always wondered: do they dismiss it, or question everyone they remotely know to find the sender?
I'd freak out. One of my friends sure did. She thought she had a stalker!
doesn't help when this is attached
That's not a great idea, she would probably ask around to see who sent it. But unless you drop a few hints, it would only lead to confusion and misunderstandings.
I don't know that I'd do much else but buy chocolates. Chocolates aren't very expensive, and not something she needs to think a lot about. Or feel that she owes for you anything. ;) Plus, considering you guys really haven't been in touch, I don't know how'd she'd react to you giving her something as personal as jewelry. We girls are very picky about that sort of thing, anyway!
thematthatter (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Thanks for the advice. I will go with a box of fancy Hershey's chocolates. Another question, since your female, and your the same age as her. Do i have to take her to a fancy restaurant (like olive garden ) or will a hamburger do it? She seems pretty country (more like redneck).
I think as long as it's a sit down place, you'll be fine. That's sort of the minimum requirement!
thematthatter (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
what are the other requirements? I dont know a whole lot about women, I know a bit about step 3 and profit but im clueless on step one and two.
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