"Britain from Above's" beautiful visualizations of data

The new BBC series Britain From Above has some amazing graphic visualizations of data, including GPS, telephone exchange activity, etc. The patterns are quite organic and very beautiful...

BBC story on Britain from Above

Picture of "Britain from Above's" beautiful visualizations of data
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Andy DC9 years ago
My company produced all the GPS based animations for the series. www.422south.com
gmoon (author)  Andy DC9 years ago
Thanks, Andy DC. Here's a clickable link to 422 South. Interesting stuff...
whatsisface9 years ago
Ah I saw this on the news last night. Looks really sweet.
Where are you? in uk?
Yeah, Lincolnshire.
Do you know any hobbits? :D
No, but the Queen lives next door.
lol bloody good-for-nuthin queen


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