"CUZ IM" Script Plz?

Well, I heard about a few scripts to make your browser not show K'nex projects, etc. I was wondering if Zachninme, (I think you made them), could make one to hide the "CUZ IM" comments perhaps? Ooh, btw, how do you apply those scripts?

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Please delete. And if you do spam it, can you make the picture smaller? it's annoying having a huge DJ ~~LOSER~~ Radio thing ~~on forum topics~~ anywhere on Instructables.
bumpus (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Hey Mike, try the GM* comment rater script, its wonders!

*Grease Monkey.
Not GorillazMiko.
Does it work for Macs?
As long as you have Firefox and Greasemonkey installed, yup.
It works on all OS's! :D

Opera also supports "user scripts", which is the same thing as GM. Safari/Webkit has GreaseKit, although I haven't tested it.

My browser, Epiphany, also has a greasemoneky extension, so maybe your unknown browser will have support too!

IE has this, although it seems a bit harder to use. It should still work, though.
I tried it on greasemetal for chrome, but no joy. :( Depression...sadness...
It just doesn't work, or you can't install the script? If its the latter, I can try to make the script better.
I think I installed it correctly-it said to install all I had to do was save the script to my documents, and greasemetal would do the rest. So I did, but it doesn't seem to do anything...
Greasemetal ? COOOOOL, what does that program do ;-) sounds awsome...all I have is Greasemonkey
I tried but, *sigh* didn't work.

LOL yeah I know. Last time zachninme (is that how you spell it?) posted a new forum about a new GM script and I was like :o and then I was like :(.

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