"Color" isn't a word?

Self Explanitory. Put your face closer if you can't see it.

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Doctor What8 years ago
It's because people in Great Britain think they're better than we are!
If we didn't exist, you guys wouldn't either.
Flumpkins (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
We would exist we would just be speaking with a different accent
And language. And culture. And basic way of life. You do the maths.
Flumpkins (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
Yep. Thank god for 1776
WOOT 1776!!! ****but I still spell it coloUr*****
Flumpkins (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Yeah. When I was a kid, I went to a private school in a small coastal tow which had retained a great bit of English culture and language. SO my spelling and pronunciation stuck out like a sore thumb when I moved to a public school way up in the Appalachain hills! (centre, colour, flavour, etc,)
Flumpkins (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Haha. What about theatre?
Of course!
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