"Kiteman" proves theory of Reverse Evolution!!!!!


Ok, my mistake. With the headlines, and the (initially) grainy photos, I thought this was Kiteman- Demonstrating the FACT that intelligent beings can "de-volve" into funky chickens.

Picture of "Kiteman" proves theory of Reverse Evolution!!!!!
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I had a teacher who was so terribly awkward and clueless that people would make videos of him doing insane socially bizarre thing and post them, and he was so proud that his students cared so much about him he would show the videos in class. Just terrible teacher by the way, American Gov, he would give extra credit points if you went to Catholic Mass, and no this wasn't a Catholic school.
well im catholic but get bad grades (what school is this?)
It was Valencia Community College in Orlando.
oh i am in maryland hhhmmm bit of a problem
You know, there's only three simple things to getting good grades.
i know i was just joking
well bad for the most part...
skunkbait (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
Hey, it takes all kinds. But I understand the "Mass thing". I had a teacher who would give special to consideration to kids who went to a Baptist "revival". I wasn't Baptist, and felt it was a bit unfair. I don't think religion should be absolutely purged from the classroom, but for the teacher to ENDORSE a particular type of faith (over another), and grant special treatment to others with whom they agree seems a bit out of bounds.
I think there are laws regarding the separation of Church & State are there not? L
skunkbait (author)  lemonie8 years ago
"Seperation" is kind of a relative term. The original laws basically just prevented a state sponsored religion, and protected peoples rights TO implement their religion as they saw fit. More recently, there has been a push to completely remove any traces of faith from anything that involves government in any way. THe problem is that it ends up damaging our right to free speech. Certainly NO religion should EVER be forced on anyone, especially by government. But to erase any semblance of faith from peoples lives EVEN where government is involved actually breeches the spirit of the intent of our 1st amendment.
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