"Provisioners of America's finest plural clothing"

Pantalaine, since 1950. I truly wish this existed!

From the blurb for "Super Sweats":

  • Double-reinforced sleeve/leg joints are guaranteed against-wear
  • Up to 30 arms in 18 different colors
  • Arms distributed in even or odd quantities on one or both legs
  • As always, "if you don't see it on the the floor, we'll be happy to make it"
  • Ask about our American flag styles

Lots more completely ridiculous items on the website!

Picture of "Provisioners of America's finest plural clothing"
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BeanGolem8 years ago
It really takes some thought to grasp the full implications of the Super Sweats...
rachel (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
Yes, do you see they offer up to THIRTY arms? Even if the arms were used two per person instead of one per, as shown, that's a lot of people in the grouping!
Some of their clothing would be appropriate for my Siamese twin sock-monkey(s) that are conjoined at the mouth.

110100101108 years ago
some of their designs would be cooler withy zip attach option
caitlinsdad8 years ago
You would think they would be less expensive than ordinary clothes since they are all irregular.