"Rate" feature doesn't appear in Safari Mac OSX

I've noticed recently that the feature to rate an instrucable doesn't seem to work with Safari 5.0.5 on my Mac, running OS 10.5.8.
Instructables that have been rated don't display the rating (stars) under the info tab, and instructables that haven't been rated, can't be rated. But when I switch to Firefox on the same computer, these features do appear.


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mikeasaurus5 years ago
This is a known issue with almost all browsers, we're working on it!
Winged Fist (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Any update on getting the "rate" feature working across all platforms and browsers? It kinda sucks to have to switch browsers or devices to rate an Instructable...
We're pushing out another release tonight which should fix the star ratings intermittently not appearing.
Thanks for letting us know.... ;)
bajablue5 years ago
The feature (more-than-often) doesn't work with Google Chrome, either.

I'm generally a patient person... but this (among other bugs) is pushing me beyond my reasonable limits.

I frequently feel the urge to grab a fly swatter and kill something! When that method of coping fails to satiate my frustration, God only knows what weapon-of-choice is next!

Grrrrrr!!!! 8-/
Winged Fist (author)  bajablue5 years ago
Well this would explain why I have two featured Instructables that have yet to receive any rating! I hope the Instructables code monkeys can get on top of this, as I always enjoy seeing a good rating!

As far as your need to kill things, maybe instructables can help you with that.. Here's a way to modify an electronic fly swatter!;-)
hmmm... I have a racquet exactly like that... oh the hacked possibilities! >;-D