"Shortcuts" no longer has pop-down menu since last update

I just noticed that the "Shortcuts" pseudo-tab in the upper right corner no longer functions.  It used to generate a pop-down menu, but now it's just a link to the page where you configure what you want the pop-down menu to contain.

I want to tell you this is fixed...and I think it is a little bit. I'm still having issues in the contests/forums sections of the site. but it's working everywhere else for me. Please clear your cache and cookies and let me know if you're having any troubles. It works on the instructables side of things for me. ^_^
kelseymh (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
It does appear that that the shortcuts pull-down is fixed. If you see this post, then the comments bug is fixed as well.
The shortcuts bug was fixed earlier (sorry about that...got a little caught up with comments and forgot about that). It was a caching issue with javascript. We had to wait until the servers refreshed (and that takes a couple of hours at a time).
Fixed! (I'm Stumps alter-bug-testing-ego)...but if I can post...you should be able to as well.