rapid fire mod for xbox 360 controller

Ok so I was going to attempt to do the rapid fire mod seen here CLICKY and well i was in hurry so i made a sloppy move w/ the soldering iron and took out the player 1 led. =/ is there anywhere else i can solder to?

my controller is pretty new i just got it new about 2 months ago w/ my go pro console

tyeo0988 years ago
Solder it to player 2 >.>
but then it wouldent work on player 1
Tanners8 years ago
you can attach  it to were the motor gets power but i herd that that may were out the motor driver after a while here is a diagram some one else made http://media.photobucket.com/image/xbox%20360%20rapid%20fire%20motor/xSLICKVICx/NewWirelessBoardTop.jpg
Tence (author) 9 years ago
anyone know?