rating knex guns and fsastr pics

one thing I really dont get is people just rating knex guns by looks or because they like the user who posted it, personally I only rate guns that I have built, and the only gun on this site I have completely built was shadowninjas assault magnum.

oh heres pics of the fsastr (firestorm assault rifle) sorry there is no full pictures I haven't loaded hem up yet its a true trigger assault rifle removable yellow rod mag attatchable oodammo grenade launcher with top rails

picture notes
1-the mag
2-looks a bit like a halo battle rifle attatchments are foregrip and carry handle/sight
3-assault configuration short sight and oodammo grenade launcher
4-oodammo in launcher
5 grenade launcher

Picture of rating knex guns and fsastr pics
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Looks only constitutes anywhere between .5-1* in my overall rating. It does affect the rating even more if it looks like the gun's performance is affected by the look.

btw, pictures of the full gun?
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I rate guns according to: looks, range, comfort, power, accuracy and ease of use only looks can be rated without building the gun. full pics will probably only come on the ible
BTW- the fact that this doesnt have a bolt disproves most of the claims you have told me.
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
for the last time! this is not bolt action my other gun is! this is part 2 of project firestorm part 3 is the bolt action sniper! this is a completely different unrelated gun!
Oh. I already said this wasnt bolt action, you didnt have to repeat that. I didnt notice your comment about the part 2/3.
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
now the dj understands XD
so where is the third gun?
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
sitting on the floor in my room
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
just thinking about taking some now. should i use the full gun with mods or just basic gun?
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