really off the subject but "why not to make a cat angry"

show us your battle scars..... from cats

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skunkbait9 years ago
You've never been bitten....'til you've been bitten by a cat.
110100101109 years ago
i have a cat too (may). she makes damage and can hurt as if she was some pokemon with unnatural powers in a battle. and yet apart from eventual scratches etc i manage to avoid the most part. if you need to move her - dont catch. push or pull her few times releasing between them. then she does not get to the state when she releases air (and claws) if you need to catch her - lay her with the back on your hand. she does not reach too much of me in this position. release ASAP and let go may likes to scratch and bite clothes / curtains / cables behind the computer / everythig else she can access. i think this kind of damage is normal for a cat (and convinced parents too) and we dont mess up with her claws etc my parents avoid scratches at all costs but i dont mind to get scratched so i just accept it
Kiteman9 years ago
Last year, a kid came into my class looking like she'd been smacked in the face with a cheese grater.

Naturally, I asked what had happened.

I've got a new kitten, came the reply. She's lurrrvly.

The girl arrived with fresh scratches every day for a month, then she arrived in tears - she'd been dressing the cat, it got excited, the door was open, there was this car...

It took another two weeks for her face to heal properly.
That's sad...
I think the cat knew the car was coming...
naruto 777 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
iv tried to do that but i didnt ant thats the reason
...she'd been dressing the cat...

Is this British slang that I'm not familiar with, or is there an obvious reason right here that it hated her guts? My cat will tolerate a hat, and only for as long as it takes to pull it back off and hide it under a chair.
No slang, she'd been putting baby clothes on it, oblivious to the cat's fury.
Wow...This sounds like someone who should never have been permitted to get close to an animal that could not pin her to the ground.
cats really hate me... just thought i'd mention that.
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