really off the subject but "why not to make a cat angry"

show us your battle scars..... from cats

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skunkbait7 years ago
You've never been bitten....'til you've been bitten by a cat.
110100101107 years ago
i have a cat too (may). she makes damage and can hurt as if she was some pokemon with unnatural powers in a battle. and yet apart from eventual scratches etc i manage to avoid the most part. if you need to move her - dont catch. push or pull her few times releasing between them. then she does not get to the state when she releases air (and claws) if you need to catch her - lay her with the back on your hand. she does not reach too much of me in this position. release ASAP and let go may likes to scratch and bite clothes / curtains / cables behind the computer / everythig else she can access. i think this kind of damage is normal for a cat (and convinced parents too) and we dont mess up with her claws etc my parents avoid scratches at all costs but i dont mind to get scratched so i just accept it
Kiteman8 years ago
Last year, a kid came into my class looking like she'd been smacked in the face with a cheese grater.

Naturally, I asked what had happened.

I've got a new kitten, came the reply. She's lurrrvly.

The girl arrived with fresh scratches every day for a month, then she arrived in tears - she'd been dressing the cat, it got excited, the door was open, there was this car...

It took another two weeks for her face to heal properly.
That's sad...
I think the cat knew the car was coming...
naruto 777 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
iv tried to do that but i didnt ant thats the reason
...she'd been dressing the cat...

Is this British slang that I'm not familiar with, or is there an obvious reason right here that it hated her guts? My cat will tolerate a hat, and only for as long as it takes to pull it back off and hide it under a chair.
No slang, she'd been putting baby clothes on it, oblivious to the cat's fury.
Wow...This sounds like someone who should never have been permitted to get close to an animal that could not pin her to the ground.
cats really hate me... just thought i'd mention that.
Rishnai8 years ago
Never been hurt by a cat, but I do have a funny very-pissed-off-cat story. One time my mom was taking out the garbage for her arents, and there was this cat, which had been getting into the garbage and making a mess for weeks. Just sittling on top of the trash can, purring evilly and facing the fence. Carefully sneaking up on it, she grabbed it by the tail and pulled it off of the can. Of course, the cat was not keen on this idea, an dimmediately began hissing and trying to scratch her. Not in the mood to get scratched, my mom, thinking quick, began spinning the alleycat by its tail over her head. I continued to try and double back and tear her to shreds, so she spun faster. Then she let go and sent the cat flying into the fence, where it yelped and hit the ground running, not to be seen for several weeks...
naruto 777 (author)  Rishnai8 years ago
i also got a funny chipmunk story, my family was taking a hike up on mount ranier (cant remember how to spell it) its in washington, so its me my dad my little brother and my mom, there is a chipmunk in a hole in a tree on the side of the path well me my brother and my dad go by and it diecides its safe to jump across the path, it jumps right in front of my mom and she loets out a giant scream, we always make fun of her saying a killer chipmunk is coming for here lol
Goodhart8 years ago
Trimming was the best solution for me. I only needed to keep the very sharp pointy hook tip clipped off. Maybe once a month. They would only let me do 2-3 at a time, so it took a whole day to get all the nail on both cats done, lol. 1. Clip a couple nails. 2. Allow angry hissing biting cat to hide and sulk for a couple hours. 3. Repeat until all nails are clipped. Just keeping that tiny hooked tip clipped off was enough, maybe 1/16th of an inch. That's the part that causes the damage.
Yes, and if you ever need to get them all done at once, there is always the "wrap" method (using a towel) to softly keep the shredders from moving :-)

Goodhart8 years ago
simply put: why not make a cat angry? Avoiding that "shredded wheat look" is a good one LOL
jamesbb08 years ago
this is my brothers server, and i'm to lazy to make one. Any way i was wondering who everyone tinks are the hottest naruto cherectors, mine are Gaara and sasori, yes i am a girl if any one was wondering.
Make a new forum topic for discussions that have nothing to do with the existing topic.
naruto 777 (author) 8 years ago
hehehehe i posted this because my cat scratched me and i cant move my left hand because the cut is it a weir way that makes it hurt. do any of you want to see the picture?
naruto 777 (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
thanks for telling me but when he scratched me i cleaned it out right away and seems to have started healing but thanks for telling me im going to bandage it when i get the chance
That's good. I am glad you were diligent with getting that clean. Cat Scratch fever is a real infection and it isn't any fun, for sure.
naruto 777 (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
thats waht i guessed hahaha got to find that ace bandage in my dresser
As long as you are sure it has been disinfected :-) (the wound as well as anything that touches it).
guyfrom7up8 years ago
my sisters violin cat scratched my wrist about 2 years ago, I was like owww as I was bleeding and my mom was like shush