remo-pulleys I need an instructable

I need an instructable for a remote controlled pulley. this means, a pulley that would push/pull a rope by use of remote controlled servos, and a pulley. (other supplies may be used) if you've ever done anything like this, please post the instructable now. I need the info for a shop class project.

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you're right, i needed a servo, ideally. But the gearbox solved the problem, at least for this version. I need to learn much more about servos for the next project I do like this. Thanks so much for your help!
tech-king9 years ago
yeah. you could use an scr to latch and supply continuous power to the motor if you send an impulse to the gate of the scr. that pulse could come from an ir led photo-receiver. but yeah, a sevro is needed. not sure how youd stop that system either, without getting up, seeing as youd need to open a normally closed switch
I've got a remote control car, and I'm trying to use its motor, but it doesn't seem to be strong enough to pull my load
you need to add a gear box, or mod a servo so that it runs continuosly. Servo motors have built in gear boxes.
I know, I just thought someone might see it - and I guess you did.
well, you could mod a servo to run continuosly. Use a remote control thingy from ebay or mod a remote control car or something.
Did you ever find out how to do this? I'm in sort of the same boat. I'd love to hear any tips you got.
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