remote control car (fisher tech nik)

i finally worked out most of the bugs in the car, and it works! the entire car is made out of Fishertechnik (though 1 of the pieces is modified). the back is pretty basic, just a motor with a gear that meshes with the one on the back axle. that ends up moving the car. the front is cool, instead of having the motor spin the front axle to turn, i hooked up the front to turn like a real car. the motor turns the steering wheel. that pushes a connector to the right or left(depending on which way you want to turn) and that turns the front wheels making the car turn. i also mounted a air cannon on it. that uses the on modified piece. you see, i used a film canister type thing with one end plugged up to make the cannon hook up. i then put two air connector things( i forget the name) into the back piece. i hooked pipes up it it from a pump. a spiecal valve lets air only go in not out, making air pressure in side of the cannon part. that eventually shoots the cap off. it goes about 10 feet. unfortanitlly the cannon is manually activated because the canister slowly leaks air from it. i used to have it hooked up to a motor but it did not give big enough pumps so the cannon would not fire. so does anyone want instructions? i know, kitemans law but it will take me for ever to make instuctions so i want to know if anyone will actually build it.

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hrou8 years ago
i would sit for hours building it and beeing serios could i have som instructions i am 18
dsman195276 (author)  hrou8 years ago
sadly, this is gone.
hrou8 years ago
mint mint mint i love it
cool, if u ever do make the cannon remote controlled be SURE to post it.
i'm working on it :-)