remote control cars turned into remote control boats/ amphibious vehicle

i was thinking since i had 3 rc cars lying around a 2002 nissan silvia an orange hummer and a white escalade pretty big and i dnt think i have the remotes for any of them i was wondering if i could turn them into boats or amphibious vehicles  like would i remove  the shell of the car just leaving like the wheels and all the mechanical/ electrical components  intact then moving them into different  shells so they looked like boats and replacing the wheels with something else rotors or propelers or paddles idk if i can move the parts around like move the wheels to be located at different parts or how would i go about doing that and also is it possible to buy a new controllers and program it to the cars. i will try to get pictures up asap all help is greatly appreciated

crapflinger5 years ago
if you're going for just making it work as a boat, you would either have to turn the wheels into paddle-wheels (not as efficient as you'd think) or you'd want to re-arrange some things so that the drive shaft from the motor is turning a propeller coming out of the back of the boat, and the servo that turns the front wheels would turn a rudder (either on the front of the boat or the back of the'll get better control if it's on the back). if the motor doesn't drive the current wheels directly (it's not very likely that it's probably geared) you'd need to turn the whole gearing assembly 90 degrees so it can drive the shaft out the back of the thing.

for amphibious, you'd need to either do the paddle wheel thing, or you'd have to find some kind of way to slave a propeller off the current drive system and still have the prop coming out the you'd have to steal power from the primary drive system AND turn it 90 degrees
forgot about the radios... depends on what type of cars you're talking about...if they're the type you get at walmart.....good luck. if they're higher grade cars, you should be able to swap out the receiver with a matched one from a new remote
Kiteman5 years ago
That sounds like a good plan.

Don't forget to take plenty of photos as you go.