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red green blue common cathode light emitting diodes anybody know any cool projects with them? The best ones I found were the hypno cubes and pov's, and some displays were cool. any others? I want to know before I buy a bunch of leds to save on shipping.

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I know this is old but do you mean the ones that can be controlled, if so I have a tonne of ideas for them but even the ones that just change of their own accord would be intersting for many of these, a nice lightbox is one, i have one from Ikea that is actually a very complicated string or single colour leds rgbs would be more efficient and with little more than a timer circuit and some wit a a colour waving box could be made...
guyfrom7up (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Actually I was going to bring this up again, so I'm glad you brought it up. Yeah, I mean the one that can be controlled (has 4 pins). The ones that change by themselves are cool, but don't have much use except for something like mood lights.
Hmm it would be nice to have a lighting system controlled by these, flip a switch or trun a knob and change colours There are a lot more uses for these, you could actually do some charlieplexing and make a rudimentary display system with them...
There's an iBle on watching futurama on a 8x8 LED display

the interesting thing is here you'd be able to have real colours and if you dedicated a bit of time 100 X 100 wouldn't be that hard, especially is you made a simple board for the LEDs....
And had the money for 10000 LED's. Plus getting a microcontroller with enough outputs to drive them may be tricky, put you could use more than 1. I wonder how many you could get as "Free samples".
I was only saying it's a nice idea, however a microcontroller could be used to control a circuit that create waves of colours and the like, and if someone was very clever I'm sure a volume level meter could be made that simply shifts colour rather than has a bunch of leds, infact that'd be pretty sweet on the whole.
That would be pretty cool...
I don't think it would actually be too complicated, basically instead of raising the voltage for the next stage you be raising the voltage on different legs of the RGB
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