rifle knex gun

here is my version of the klirk magnum i modded it so it could hold more power it has a mag and every bit good knex builder dont need a instructable i know it doesnt has a shoulder piece but it doesnt need it please coment need to make it better and can anyone tell me what the hell a true trigger is couse i cant figure it out made my own versoin of a trigger and it works realy well you can put as mutch rubberbands on it as you want couse it wont bend or break thats what i like about it

Picture of rifle knex gun
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T3453R (author) 10 years ago
its prety easy ust maesure the rods that hold the firing pin are stuck and are unableto break :)
Shadow6410 years ago
I think it looks more like oodalumps cannon v2.0 than killerks magnum if you ask me, anyway that is a true trigger (i think) that you hav on there its just on an angle which can be fixed easyily.
T3453R (author)  Shadow6410 years ago
it suposed to be on an angle esle it loks dumb and blocked now its in the same angle as the ha,ndle and it lies in your hand easily but stilll it isnt copied from anything and its my own desing thx for comment
bruce91110 years ago
Is this the rifle that you are talking about on adamsdead topic?
T3453R (author)  bruce91110 years ago
yes thats the rifle but i used 1 rubber vand only for showing the system you can put it on as mutch as you want
T3453R (author)  bruce91110 years ago
whatt opic ??? dunno show toppic i schall see
T3453R (author) 10 years ago
if yopu want i post an instructable so you can figure how i made it but you can put as mutch rubber bands on it as you wont and it wont break tha structure is very strong thx for comment