robot for real steel-my own concept

My own concept.....robot for real steel movie:)
Name "Woodbot"

Picture of robot for real steel-my own concept
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Posssnna5 years ago
cool )))))
Harakir (author)  Posssnna5 years ago
thx :)
iproberry15 years ago
it would be cool if you made this into like an would probobly get featured!
Harakir (author)  iproberry15 years ago
I don't speak english very well....and I can't get featured
you wright well though! :P
Harakir (author)  iproberry15 years ago
but i don't understand what I need to get a featured
yes you were right...

you gave me my 200th comment...your name is in my description!
Harakir (author)  iproberry15 years ago
Featured ? What is that mean ?
it's when you get displayed on the front page of the website and get 1 year PRO
Kiteman5 years ago
Nice - what's it made of, and why haven't you made an Instructable?
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