robot for real steel-my own concept

My own concept.....robot for real steel movie:)
Name "Woodbot"

Picture of robot for real steel-my own concept
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Posssnna4 years ago
cool )))))
Harakir (author)  Posssnna4 years ago
thx :)
iproberry14 years ago
it would be cool if you made this into like an instructable...you would probobly get featured!
Harakir (author)  iproberry14 years ago
I don't speak english very well....and I can't get featured
you wright well though! :P
Harakir (author)  iproberry14 years ago
but i don't understand what I need to do...to get a featured
yes you were right...

you gave me my 200th comment...your name is in my description!
Harakir (author)  iproberry14 years ago
Featured ? What is that mean ?
it's when you get displayed on the front page of the website and get 1 year PRO
Kiteman4 years ago
Nice - what's it made of, and why haven't you made an Instructable?
Rob311 Kiteman4 years ago
Looks like its made of cookies...

hmmm... must be delicious...
Goodhart Rob3114 years ago
one of the "related" words is wood....and that is what it appears to be to me.....at least one the OUTSIDE....probably steel on the inside.
(Hence the last pic)
Yes, with maybe steel pins holding it together...
Glue would be an impressive feat
I was looking around the hip area....
I know..but I meant it would be cool if it was a wire sculpture with the wood glued onto it
It could be done that way, I am sure :-)
Harakir (author) 4 years ago
"real steel" is the title of the movie
Harakir (author) 4 years ago
99% wood :)